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Daebak Realty -- Episode 1 & 2: Ghosts and Mediums

I was completely taken in by the beautifully shot silvery windy road opening scene of Deabak Real Estate ( Sell Your Haunted House), to be known as Daebak Realty, from here on out. An occult drama about real estate brokers who exorcise and clean buildings haunted by all types of ghosts but some quite vengeful whose souls refuse to pass on.

The drama stars the wonderfully gifted and beautiful Jang Na Ra as Hong Ji Ah, a no-nonsense, hot-tempered real estate agent and exorcist who works to rid haunted homes of unrest spirits and sell them at original market prices. The sexily talented Jung Yong Hwa, on the other hand, stars as Oh In Bum, a con artist who doesn’t believe in ghosts but uses his great observation and reasoning skills to determine the causes and effects of any given situation to scam people who come to him requesting exorcism services.

I loved that the drama and Hong Ji Ah use a very uncomplicated exorcism technique, the body of a psychic medium in salt-protected space to trap the spirit, stab them with some special spirit summoning ornaments and instruments to call them out -- simple yet effective. In that sense, I was not at all surprised to see that not only can she summon them out, but she can sense them and freely communicate with them but more so lives with her mother's spirit around her since she was a child. I can only imagine the pain she and her mother live with day in and day out.

And as simple and as effective as Hong Ji Ah's technique is as cunningly smooth as In Bum's scams. I thoroughly But boy is Hong Ji Ah fierce. I thoroughly enjoy her matter-of-factly stoic attitude as much as I appreciate In Bum's smooth operation, that he can charm the devil out of his own clothes is quite evident.

I think what I like most about Daebak Realty is that it's not just about exorcising troubled spirits doomed to aimlessly room the here-after but that it looks to solve the mystery of these spirits and help them find the peace they so clearly desire. And what's even more intriguing is how connected Ji Ah as an exorcist and In Bum as a pure medium are, for more than imagine. This is one ride I'm glad I am not missing. Watch Episode 1 & 2 here.



I was looking forward to this drama because I love Jang Nara very much. From the first episode I was conquered. Just wow. And this is the first time I saw Young-Hwa. I did some research on him and I came across his group CN Blue. To my surprise Min-Hyuk who annoyed me a lot in Oh My LadyLord is also in the group.

I prefer the name Sell Your Haunted House hahahahaha

Drama Banter
Drama Banter
May 12, 2021
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I totally agree Jang Nara can recite the phone book and be captivating; she's good no matter what, but Young Hwa also shines, and they make a great duo. I first watched him in The Package on Netflix, an exciting bolder watch slightly different from your typical rom-com. I recommend it if you would like to get a better feel of him. Unfortunately, MY LadyLord didn't grab me at all, and I love, love Lee Min-Ki so very much. I was patiently anticipating this drama, but it just didn't work for me. Maybe I will watch it when I don't have anything else to watch, and it will grow on me.

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