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Daebak Realty -- Episode 13: Hovering Unrested Spirits

An episode ladened with deep sadness and pain, but as they say, pain is just weakness leaving the body. I suspected Ji Ah might have been the one that killed her mom; I didn't think it was because she got possessed by In Bum's egg ghost; it's all just an unfortunate development of events.

Ji Ah may not have understood why she had to stab her mother, but her mother did, and I commend the mother for making the hard choice despite knowing the consequences. I now understand why Secretary Joo acted the way she did, but I still wish she had been honest with Ji Ah and told her the truth at some point rather than watch her live a life of darkness and hidden truths.

In that sense, I understand Ji Ah's anger towards Secretary Joo entirely. She knew the truth and let her suffer and aimlessly question for 20 long years what might've happened to her mother -- nothing worse than being deceived or feel deceived by those you love the most. And Secretary Joo must've known a day like this was coming, but I guess no matter how much one knows, it doesn't lessen the blow when it finally happens. But what I don't appreciate is Ji Ah indirectly laying blame on In-Bum for what she did, especially since she knows he was a victim too. At the same time, I understand it's part of the grief process.

My heart goes out to Ji Ah; there is nothing worse than finding out you're the reason the person you love the most is in the world no more. Things happen for a reason, and rather than hold a grudge. I believe Ji Ah's mom stays around to protect her until she felt Ji Ah didn't need her around anymore. But only when Ji Ah realizes this will she let go of the pain and blame. And as the Blue Salt lady told her, she didn't become an exorcist because of her mom but because it's her life-calling.

I find it quite fitting that the case that might bring Ji Ah out of her painful stance is one similar to hers. I was stunned and must say a bit confused to find out the restaurant lady's (Baek Hyun Joo) son Chang Hwa was an unrest spirit seeing that Kim Tae Jin (Heo Dong-Won), whom I don't believe to be a bad person, just caught up in a pretty bad situation was speaking to him; was he a ghost then or did he die after and if so, how did the mom end up killing the son (I suspected she had since he seemed hovered around her) she'd been looking for and refusing to give the restaurant despite the numerous harassments by Do Hak Sung's goons. I cannot wait to see what happened and how Ji Ah and In Bum navigate this new compelling case that may be the key to opening up a new understanding of life to Ji Ah. Watch episode 13 here.



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