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Daebak Realty -- Episode 14 & 15: Letting Go of Obsessions, Regrets, Guilt and Resolutions

Only when one faces, their fears are they able to forgive themselves and others.

But forgiving oneself; is easier said than done, lingering regrets; the kind Ji Ah and Chang Hwa's mom (Baek Hyun Joo) hung on for years were great company, returning daily to keep some parts of their daily living functional. It propelled them forward, determined if not at times obsessed with not make the same mistakes while trying to resolve old ones. But no matter how determined they were, letting the guilt and regret fester made them miserable.

What an emotionally charged episode. I didn't expect Chang Hwa and his mom to affect me even more than Ji Ah and her mom's, but remarkably it did. Her wailing in guilt and regret was incredibly hard to watch, but at the same time, the "non-exorcism" removal of Chang Hwa's unrested spirit was the most fulfilling. I liked how In Bum told Ji Ah that the reason her mom and Chang Hwa stayed was because of love rather than anger; to protect rather than hate. He gave her that push she needed to come to terms with her regrets and guilt. I loved Oh In Bum and Ji Chul in this episode for not fussing over things but silently working in the background as Ji Ah came to terms with the struggles of her inner self.

It's so true when they say regret is but a form of punishment itself and that only when one lets go of past anguish, grudges, and sorrow are they able to forgive themselves. Kudos to the show indeed, I never imagined we would see the egg ghost again and in Oh In Bum nonetheless, but it totally makes sense, seeing that Do Han Sung has free range to do whatever he wants. And despite not caring much for Secretary Choi (Lee Chae Kyung) for the choices she made, I still felt for her. She implicitly trusted Do Hak Sung as her boss, and he completely betrayed her. At least she had time, even if not much, to try and change her ways. I will admit I never truly understood Ji Ah's mom and her choice regarding the egg ghost until it happened again. I won't lie. I was deeply concerned with how Ji Ah would exorcise or how she would handle the egg ghost this time around since it didn't work very well 20 years ago.

The minute Do Hak Sung decided to betray his most trusted allies was the beginning of the end for him. I guess he got too full of himself and forgot that nothing lasts forever. And just like he abandoned Secretary Choi, others did the same to him, and rightfully so. As they say, karma has no menu one gets served what they deserve. Despite my deep concern with the resurfacing of the egg ghost, thanks to Do Hak Sung's evil deeds yet again. I, however, knew if anyone could find a way to get rid of the egg ghost without sacrificing Oh In Bum Ji Ah would; but what I liked, even more, was In Bum taking the initiative to find the names of all those who died in the explosion for he and Ji Ah to preform the exorcism despite knowing the danger it may have on his life.

I always say I find one exorcism over the other the most fulfilling, and I do, but the egg ghost one has to be by far the best. I loved how smoothly Ji Ah took care of the egg ghost by sealing the unrested spirits; I wonder if the same method would've worked the last time around. I guess it would've if Ji Ah's mom had the names of those who died in the fire In Bum's uncle set. I think, more than anything, what worked best for Ji Ah and In Bum this time around was their implicit trust in each other. But I should've known it wasn't unrested spirits in the form of an egg ghost that I should've been concerned about but a living human monster in the form of Do Hak Sung. I cannot wait to see what the finale holds for us.



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