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Daebak Realty -- Episode 5 & 6: Connections to the Spirit World & Guilt

Daebak Realty is an absolute treat. I enjoy it to the fullest, and it's a welcome relief from the other serial killer dramas I'm watching right now. I didn't want this week's episodes to end; I was disappointed to see the credits roll-up.

I love how the show skillfully balances the darkness that always hovers around Ji Ah with the unrest spirits, not to mention her mom and the exorcism with humor from Im Bum and his side-kick. I like that both Ji Ah and In Bum are influencing change in each other knowingly or unknowingly. Pretty soon, they will have to face each other's connected pasts. I think that's part of this drama's charm. My favorite parts are the exorcisms; meticulously shot and executed that at times I feel like I am watching a movie about exorcism and not a drama. And now that we have a new type of unrest spirits -- those who don't even know their dead and specifically In Bum's uncle, I think we are in for even bigger treats.

With that said, though, I am interested in this new type of spirits/ghosts that can be in such denial that they believe they are still alive. At first, I thought they could take physical forms where others could also see that, but that is not the case, seeing that neither CEO Do Hak Sung (Ahn Kil Kang) from Dohak Construction nor In Bum could see his uncle. And this leads to an even bigger question; why is In Bum's uncle attached to Do Hak Sung if, as they say, he killed people and committed suicide from his guilt; it feels like there may be more to the story. But also what is In Bum's uncle's connection to Ji Ah's mom; so many questions.

Aside from all the questions, I am enjoying Ji Ah and In Bum's newfound connection. It's almost a reversal in roles. Before, In Bum seemed to only care about the monetary gains of his conned exorcism; now that the unrested spirits pass through him, he's invested in bringing them the justice they deserve in as much as he can and looks to be hooking the reluctant Ji Ah along. I like that he's completely at the mercy of Ji Ah, not just during the exorcisms but in his daily dealings.

I love badass Ji Ah, but super-powered possessed In Bum is something to revel in for sure. I've enjoyed all the exorcised CGIs, but to date, this sauna one is my favorite by far. I cannot wait to see how things go from here with Ji Ah, In Bum, and Do Hak Sung. Also, what was with Joo Hwa Jung and the detective; her vibe completely changed when she saw him. Obviously, they know each other, and if what he told his colleague was true, then Hwa Jung either knows or is hiding something that may adversely affect both Ji Ah and In Bum. I guess the biggest thing for me is that she clearly knows who In Bum is, but why not tell Ji Ah; I cannot wait to get a glimpse into her past. Things seem to have gone from interesting to super, uber interesting. Watch Episode 5 & 6 here.


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