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Daebak Realty -- Episodes 9 & 10: Perceptions vs. The Truth

Sometimes it can seem that when one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong, and as they say, there are a lot of truths in this world, and when it rains, it pours. So, I completely understood how Ji Ah felt, but for her to perceive her pain or even loss much greater than In Bum's was a bit cruel reflective of her words. Just as she lost someone dear to her, he did as well, and he was too young for her to blame him for either her mother or his uncle’s death. I understand she was lashing out in anger but then lashing out from a broken heart only creates more broken pieces.

In a way, it’s good she lashed out at him. It’s better than the alternative of holding on to the anger. As they say, holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Ji Ah’s reaction I expected, but Secretary Joo feeding into Ji Ah’s reaction with her lies make me suspect her motives even more. I still cannot figure Joo out. At times I think she is malicious in her intent, but other times I get the sense that she may be acting the way she is to protect Ji Ah from the painful truth ahead of her.

I guess In Bum has only himself to blame for Ji Ah’s reaction if he hadn’t been a con artist, I doubt she would have been as cruel towards him because I’m sure after he started working with Ji Ah, he came to realize that by being sneaky and cunning he may have conned a few people. Still, the only person he fooled was himself. Even with that, I had hope Ji Ah would come to see him as the man she got to know and not the man he was before. More than her effect to In Bum’s truth, her reaction to Secretary Joo’s fills me with utter dread. It will break her completely. For the first time, I wished her mother was a speaking unrested spirit. She could warn her of things to come.

I love how Ji Ah’s eyes turn when she’s in the presence of unrest spirits and even more so how attached she’d become to In Bum and him to her. This episode’s unrested spirit’s case was quite intriguing, if at times a bit scary. It’s like the unrested spirit had malintent but only after seeing how much she was wronged did I truly understand her. And more so to be murdered in the stead of the person you tried to help but rather than blame lurk around even in death to keep them safe while at the same time keeping the killer at bay was admirable even if it was meant to be that.

I knew the minute Ji Ah said the exorcism might be a difficult one that it would go wrong. I didn’t expect the Detective to be the one to do that. I knew the minute I saw the guy from the restaurant he was the culprit. It almost felt incomplete with the killer walking out of the police station. I live for the exorcisms in this drama. The time and effort put into making them shines through on-screen; it's intricately high-end. I wasn't sure if the show would provide resolution to Ji Chul's girlfriend's stalker case since they'd already dealt with the unrest spirit. I was glad to see they did, and beautifully so. The irony of him turning into an unrested spirit was well done.

I love how Ji Ah's eyes turn when she becomes aware of an unrest spirit. And I liked her idea of exorcizing In Bum's uncle. His memories would definitely help fill in the blanks for both her and In Bum if not solve the mystery of her mother's death and his uncle's injustice. But the way Secretary Joo opposed the idea leads me to believe his memories may hurt Ji Ah more than they would In Bum. At first, I thought maybe she was hiding something about her either in Bum's uncle or Ji Ah's mom's memories. Now I'm starting to think she may be doing it for Ji Ah's sake, which makes me even more curious about this past she so adamantly is trying to protect. Her talk with the detective leads me to believe there was more to her story as a teenager than meets the eye.

I cannot wait for a glimpse into what makes her tick. I expected Do Hak Sung to make his move sooner or later. I didn't expect the turn of events with Ji Ah's mom, though. I know I wished she could speak, but she's gone and done the next best thing, save her child. As they say, few things are scarier than an angry mother, even if that mother is an unrest spirit. Watch Episode 9 & 10 here.



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