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Daebak Realty: Episodes 11 & 12: Nothing Could Be Further From the Truth

For a while now, I suspected Ji Ah’s mom’s unrested spirit wasn’t necessarily tied to their house as Ji Ah thought, but to Ji Ah herself. And I think I may be right, seeing how her mom is more than just a noisy ghost. It appears that Ji Ah's mom can also move or knock things over, make noise and manipulate the physical environment like she did when she saved Ji Ah and In Bum from the warehouse.

I understood Ji Ah’s apprehension at realizing the type of ghost her mother was because while poltergeist activity is often harmless and ends quickly, they are known to become dangerous. In that sense, I cannot help but wonder if Ji Ah’s mother, in her bid to protect her daughter, may have unintentionally caused more harm than good, including giving her fake memories.

They say people will usually inadvertently hurt you to heal themselves. Is that what Secretary Joo is trying to keep Ji Ah from finding out; it’s all starting to get so convoluted somehow. Why not just come out with the truth; wouldn’t that be better than protecting her through deceit and hurt her even more than she’s already hurting. I knew the story would turn sad sooner or later. I was hoping for much later, but as Ji Ah said, it was about time they all found out the truth about their pasts.

Despite seeing Oh Sung Sik’s truth through In Bum, it was hard for me to reconcile that he burnt all those homes in exchange for an apartment for his mom and nephew. It’s like he almost resolved to die after doing that, or more like he knew Do Hak Sung would kill him once he signed the confession. It’s like they say desperate people take desperate measures. But it doesn’t dispute the fact that Do Hak Sung used In Bum’s uncle’s desperation for his own gain and got rid of him once he had no use for him. Notwithstanding everything Ji Ah did to free Oh Sung Sik, she’s still nowhere close to finding her mother’s truth. In Bum’s, uncle had no memories of her mom, let alone the circumstances around her death. Not only was Ji Ah completely mistaken about how her mom died but about her mom herself and what she tried to do to In Bum as a child ghost.

That is why I appreciate Ji Ah and In Bum’s relationship, the most in this drama rather than try and manipulate his need to find out his uncle’s truth by offering to exorcise him. She openly tells him her plans but more so that she didn’t want him to be the medium because of his emotional tie to his uncle. But it was In Bum’s reasonable reaction to her thoughts followed by his own decision that showed their mutual respect and equal partnership. It showed they genuinely care and are attracted to each other even if they hadn’t had the time to process their feelings yet definitively. Watch episodes 11 & 12 here.



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