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Dark Hole -- Episode 1: Humanity is the Monster Within us All

Wow, Dark Hole sure doesn't disappoint in its premiere. Despite the varying and quite complex storylines, which all seemed to have one theme in common, the city of Mujishi, as previously known, quickly coming to a frightful end.

From the peculiar serial killings to mysterious sinkholes and misty, dark supernatural evilness feeding off human fear, transforming them into enraged monsters to the burning planet and even the weirdly scary shaman. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself transfixed by it all. And if this first episode is an indication of what's to come, then I am hooked. The camera work is brilliant.

Lee Joon Hyuk looks fantastic. It's great to have him back so soon after Stranger 2; I love him in the role of Yoo Tae Han, laid back yet quick to action when needed, proven by how he calmly saved a woman from a burning car. The professional way he handled that situation leads me to believe there is more to him than just a wreck car operator. It's good also to have Kim Ok Bin back on the small screen. The last time I saw her on any screen was in The Villainess, and she was pretty darn good in it. I'm excited to see what she brings as Lee Hwa Sun.

When I started watching this drama, I thought it gave off a cross vibe between Resident Evil, Alien, and Predator, but now I've watched the first episode, I'm not so sure. One thing's for sure; I'm a complete sucker for survival dramas and especially ones with zombie and resident alien-like themes. So, I'm all in, at least for now. Watching Dark Hole and the message in it, I'm reminded by what Sarte said, "Hell is other people," and I find that particularly most relevant to this drama, which in more ways than one screams humanity is the monster within us all. Watch Episode 1 here.



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