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Dark Hole -- Episode 4: The Values of Life

Dark Hole is far from a typical zombie drama, and I think that’s what makes it so enthralling. When I first started watching the series, I thought it was exactly that, a zombie drama, but I soon realized the setting and perspective were utterly different. It’s a blend that combines zombies, mystery, shamanism, science fiction, and horror. But what makes Dark Hole even more intriguing is whatever has afflicted the people of Mujushi is amplified by their emotions, particularly rage, fear, anger, disgust, and even anxiety, but at the same token can be regulated by an opposing range of emotions.

I knew the Shaman was trouble and that the dark mist would use her as a medium or a go-between. The fact that she can control the infected or those susceptible to the infection, and worse, so easily manipulate them means it’s human-made, and it makes her even more dangerous than I first thought. And what is that about being chosen; it looks like whatever this thing is, maybe looking to recruit foot soldiers to wreak even more havoc.

But as much as the dark mist betted on bringing out the worst in people by showing their cowardice, selfishness, and indifference to the plight of others, and in some ways, it may have. Still, at the same time, it underestimated the resilience, strength, and ability of the human spirit to work together despite not liking each other in the face of terrible disasters. I hope they can stay alive long enough to overcome whatever this thing may be. It almost feels like it may have been an experiment or creation that went wrong that in some way is mad at the human race.

And I think it's that very resilience that brings Yoo Tae Han and Park Soon together despite them not liking each other. And it is also that very same issue that unites and prompts a divided group of survivors at the high school to come together to figure ways to get one of the injured to a hospital. Seeing them making make-shift weapons in preparation for their mission was exhilarating to watch, especially Han Dong Rim, a student at the local high school who fights desperately not to fall into the clutches of those who want to use her for their own ends and Lee Jin Suk (Kim Do Hoon), the bully who until recently lived to torment Han Dong Rim. Watch Episode 4 here.



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