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Dark Hole -- Episode 5 & 6: The Susceptible

The scariest episode to date, and I loved every second of it. I am not sure if I am in the minority when I say I am seriously captivated by this drama. I've seen a few reviews bashing it for not being original, and they may be right; the concept may not, but the way the show tackles it unmistakably is, and it's what makes it different.

I am entirely intrigued that there may be more to the black smoke, and the hint of a spawn-like creature excites me about Dark Hole even more than I already am. I think what makes this drama stand out is that it's not just about zombies or mutant beasts and more about human nature how susceptible we are to the power of suggestion and outside forces that can manipulate or most inner thoughts, desires, and emotions and turn the victims into uncontrollable creatures. It almost feels like an experiment or lab test went awry or maybe purposely deployed to test the effects on human beings.

I knew there was something off with Doctor Han Ji Soo (Bae Jung Hwa) from how she acted throughout the episode. Whatever it is she's keeping hidden in that isolation room may be the test subject that started this whole nightmarish ordeal, particularly since the dark hole seems to be burrowing itself into the hospital. So in that sense, it would make sense for whoever is behind this black mist to have more than one person working to control the chosen ones. I would not be surprised if Han Ji Soo and Shaman Kim Seon Nyeo (Song Sang Eun), great acting, are working together. Actually, I would be more surprised if they weren't. The Shaman, though, her scenes scary me, and now that she has followers, she creeps me out even more than she already does. Of all the people, the gangster appears to be the only one that can see right through her, but I doubt even he realizes the extent of the danger that awaits them.

I was not surprised Lee Jin Seok (Kim Do Hoon), the bully, did what he did to Detective Lee Hwa Sun, but I am disappointed. I was hoping he would be able to redeem himself, but I guess he's too far gone for that. I get the sense he's hallucinating whatever is going on with his arm. He's let his fear control him, as Han Dong Rim (Oh Yu Jin) said. I like her a lot. I hope she doesn't turn into a serial killer. Come to think of it, something about that killer bothers me; I can't place it yet. I cannot shake off the thought that it may be somehow connected to the smoke. The back and forth banter between Yoo Tae Han (Lee Joon Hyuk) and Park Soon Il (Im Won Hee) are my favorite moments of this drama. Officer Park is slowly but surely growing on me and in a nice way.

So, what I got from this episode is that Lee Hwa Sun, Yoo Tae Han, the Shaman, Lee Jin Seok, Han Dong Rim, and a few others are the dark hole's "the Chosen ones" some it's able to turn and other not so and it could be because it underestimated the good in them. The rest are just products of their rage. There are a few outliers, such as the doc, the older woman in the isolated ward, the serial killer, and a few others, that I'm not entirely sure how they fit or if they fit. I was glad to see the School Principal Choi Kyung Soo (Kim Byung Gi) finally get what he deserved, and I guess it fitted that he got it at the hand of someone he wronged and humiliated over and over again for many years. I felt for his son Choi Seung Tae (Park Keun Rok) but at the same time commend him for not becoming his father and is proof that apples can and will fall as further away from the tree more often than not.

There are many grievances, heartaches, and injustices buried deep within the souls of Mujishi, and it is probably one of the main reasons why whoever is involved with this mist is doing it to its people. The only way they can defeat it is by overcoming their fear and believing good always prevails over evil. There's no disputing the evil deeds people do have a way of always coming back to haunt them be in what the hospital administrator, the bully, or even the school principal have done. As the saying goes, people's good and bad deeds follow them almost like a shadow, totally befitting the drama. I never want the episode to end. Watch Episode 5 & 6 here.



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