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Dark Hole -- Episode 7 & 8: The Darker the Soul, the Bigger the Monster

What a great episode, I enjoyed the unexpected twist, and the fight scenes were very well done; even the spawn-like creature was well CGI'ed. I'm truly enjoying this drama.

I wonder if it's just me, but I skip all the shaman's scenes. She creeps me out even more than the new spawn-like creature that somehow wants to keep the detective alive for some reason. It makes sense why the shaman asked Tae Han about her; the dark hole must've told her she was important. With that said, I desperately need someone to take the shaman out, I cannot take much more of her, but I know it won't happen anytime soon.

I will give it to this show, though; they completely had me with the nurse (Lee Ha Eun); I never would've imagined her to be the serial killer in a million years. So much for thinking it was the other detective who worked with Lee Hwa Sun. That was good. For someone as evil as her, the black smoke enabled her, same as Lee Jin Seok, the bully. But I guess even the worst villains have standards they uphold over other monsters, as it seems with the spawn-like creature. In a way, I was glad Lee Hwa Sun finally got the opportunity to face her husband's killer; hopefully, this experience strengthens her for what's to come with the creature and the shaman.

The one thing that upsets me the most about the people of this damned town is that they never learn or change. Despite everything that's happened, they continue to be selfish, only looking out for themselves rather than their fellow man -- precisely what the dark hole feeds off. I guess it's easier for me to judge them looking from the outside in, but common decency requires human beings to stand up for each other during a crisis. Come to think of it; I believe Han Dong Rim may be correct, but rather than God punishing the people, I think it's some miserable soul who developed a grudge against wrong-doers and turned into a supervillain to use and punish them at the same time.

I've had this inkling that the dark hole may have been caused by an experiment gone wrong, but it looks like the one experimenting is none other than the doctor who, in her bid to fight a monster, has let herself become one. As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Same with the shaman, the bully, the complacent teacher, and so on. Either way, as I see it, the dark hole is so much more than just cults, monsters, and mutants. It reflects one's inner soul, the monster within, and I like how Dark Hole depicts the inner demons humans struggle with and suffer through fear, hatred, and anger, and the longer they let them fester, the harder it becomes to overcome them.

Good intentions do not automatically lead to moral actions, and when people cannot overcome these monstrous feelings, they are bound to give and ultimately become monsters. But only when one faces what they fear the most are they able to conquer it. And just as there are demons, there are also angels that ground humans and make triumphs a possibility. And that's what keeps Lee Hwa Sun and others like her from turning and probably what makes her and them even bigger targets. I genuinely enjoy this drama and look forward to seeing more of Tae Han and Lee Hwa Sun working together to fight the monster within the humans.



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