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Dark Hole -- Episodes 9 & 10: Monsters and Hosts

I must admit I've been trying to understand how the dark hole and, therefore, the monster came to be, and have been of the mind that they were created a folly of humanity – an experiment gone wrong. Still, now I'm starting to think it's a metaphor of humankind's continuous destruction of itself through greed, lying, cheating, hatred, fear, murder, mayhem, and more. Maybe it's nature's way of cleansing earth, but that feels too simplistic.

Hwa Sun has some mad fighting skills, but it's a never-ending battle for her, Tae Han, and the people they're so preciously trying to keep alive. From the black smoke to its hallucinations, the serial killer, and now a mind-bending creature manifesting itself through the shaman. It's a lot to take for sure. I am still trying to understand what brought on the dark hole; could it simply be a case of human nature turning on itself; I wonder.

I expected Hwa Sun to have to contend with the shaman at some point, but I honestly dreaded it. I hope she's mentally strong enough. I like that the same visions that empower the shaman empower her too, if not stronger, making her a threat. Add to that; the dark hole and its accompanying creature appear to favor Hwa Sun more than it does the shaman, which makes her quite dangerous despite the hole's control.

I know I could probably never understand what it's like to lose a parent to murder. So, I fully appreciate Dong Rim, but to blame her teacher for his father's wrongdoings is quite unfair, especially since he's been trying very hard to make up for those mistakes when they aren't even his. I commend him for standing up for her and all his students to his bully of a father, and I hope Dong Rim recognizes the person he is before it's too late. The bully's obsession with her, though, was quite disturbing. I was glad to see it finally done.

It's so true when they say fear is the path to the dark side. After everything these survivors have been through together, some still give in rather than fight against it together. It's that very selfish trait it continues to feed the dark hole. I admit I expected the baby to be infected, not the mom. I am hoping the good in her and around her will stop her from turning. Same as Dong Rim. People's deeds are their monuments; they can either make them heroes or villains, and the doctors' deeds are quickly catching up to her, be they from the past or her present.

I keep wracking my brain on who the host may be, and at one point, I suspected Hwa Sun, Dong Rim, and even the doctor (Bae Jung Hwa), who allowed herself to turn into the monster she became in the twisted name of science. I thought about the music teacher, but I doubt the monster would use her as host since she's already mutated. But seeing that the monster got to the doctor, it appears that neither she nor Hwa Sun is an option. But since it's evident, the show wants us to believe Dong Rim (Oh Yu Jin) is the host. I will go with Do Yoon (Lee Ye Bit) for now.



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