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Hush - Episode 1: The Beginning

What a treat to have Hwang Jung Min (he looks marvelous) back on the small screen again; the last drama I saw for him was in 2012, the Korean Peninsula; I loved it. And more so, to have Im Yoon Ah and all the other great cast members alongside him; I know this will be good.

A drama about newspaper reporters who struggle between their duty to honestly and courageously gather, report and interpret information and the ethical dilemmas they face is most definitely worth watching. Hush promises to be a ride filled with anxiety, excitement, cries, laughs, anger, and everything else in between; it's the first episode, and it had me laughing, angry, sad, and excited. It's already giving me Argon vibes with a twist; this reminds me of Kim Joo Hyuk; may his soul rest in peace.



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