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Mr. Queen - Episode 10: The Queen Back in the Palace

Today's episode was so much fun. I didn't think I would be as glad as I was to see the Queen back in the palace. That she's already changed the royal court is clear even the Grand Queen missed her. I especially love the dynamics between the Queens and the Chef and how happy he was to see her despite himself. The bamboo scene with him and Court Lady Choi was hilarious; they're like a match made in heaven.

Try as hard as the Queen may want; there's no escaping those burning feelings for the King. It's official, So Yong has overpowered Bong Hwan; the ending scene is powerful proof; I laughed so hard. I love how protective the Queen is of the King; I'm glad for it as the way things are, he needs the support now more than ever as the side chick is the most dangerous of the Jo and Kim clans combined. She's the danger the King does not see coming. #Anti-Fan-Fan.



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