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Mr. Queen - Episode 12: Riveting

As much as I loved this episode as much as I didn't expect the ending. I did, however, enjoy seeing our King win that fan-fight. It's so true when they say power doesn't corrupt; fear of the loss of power does. The extent to which the Kim clan goes to try and ruin the King's banquet because of their own delusion was unbelievable, but the one thing none of them factored in their elaborate plan was our Queen. I love everything about our Mr. Queen, but today especially so, for how elegantly she flipped the situation the Kim's created to help further the King's agenda.

The kitchen, the menus, and fortune messages scenes were my favorite of this episode. If fear for the loss of power leads to corruption, greed leads to evil and insurrection. I hate everybody in that court that knowingly or unknowingly worked to ruin the King -- from the Grand Queen to her brother to the Queen Dowager, to the side-chick (most of all), and even BI, for allowing his personal feelings to blind him to injustice. And that ending, what, how dare they, I'm fuming mad.



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