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Mr. Queen - 14: Everything is Not What it Seems

Mr. Queen is my happy place, I love the Queen, but boy, does the King make me feel all kinds of emotions. Our Queen realizing she did the deed with the King was beyond hilarious, but the King's reaction and confusion at her reaction were even funnier. To say I love this drama is an understatement. If the kiss awoke the King to the depths of his feelings, the cross-wire late-night messaging awakened the Queen to hers even if she doesn't realize yet. The kdrama gods have been more than kind to us. 2019/2020 brought us Crash Landing on You, and 2020/2021 brings us our Mr. Queen, forever grateful.

As hard as our Queen tries to deny her feelings as evident, they become. Her reaction when she realized the King planned his bombing incident was proof enough. It's been fun, experiencing their slow burn for each other, but it's even more fun seeing them voluntarily or maybe involuntarily admit to their feelings. I was beyond revolted at the cunningness of the royal court and the extent to which they were willing to go to get back a the King. It made me recognize how powerful he'd become rather than their evil. But then not even the best of plans goes as planned; the little girl was my hero, but then so was the King with that ending again.



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