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Mr. Queen - 15: Mr. Queen is Sexy

No doubt Mr. Queen is one of the sexiest and smartest dramas in its storytelling, capture, delivery, and acting. And just one starts thinking Mr. Queen has gone as far it can go. It takes us even further than we imagined, with the best part being our Queen and King's new alliance. Not only do they begin a new alliance, but our Queen decides to get revenge on the royal court by sharing secrets from the future world with the King and his men. And as fun, as it was to see them in this alliance as scary, for it naturally spelled trouble with the court.

The saddest part of this whole saga to me is Byung In for his blind belief that he's doing what he's doing out of love of the Queen. But when one decides to turn a blind eye to what that person is telling you, you are no longer driven by love but by fear and selfishness. I do not doubt he loves the queen, but he only sees how he feels for her and not how what he feels is the very danger he is trying so desperately to protect the Queen from -- surreal. I am a complete addict #livingforthemisterqueenmoments.



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