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Mr. Queen - Episode 18: Unexpected Gains & Losses

Mr. Queen is the crème del crème of dramas. This episode was as if the writer thought, ok, these viewers are having way too much fun, let me make them miserable for a bit (sigh). The one thing this drama isn’t is predictable. And Kim Byung In's has proven to be the most unpredictable of them all. I was so sure there was a line he would never cross, but he proved me wrong today. Na In U, as Kim Byung In, has mad acting skills, I am impressed. He has a life-long fan in me.

Nothing hurts more than a loss of a loved one, taken too soon. I felt the Queen’s pain like it was happening to me, and hated the Grand Queen to the core, undoubtedly a testament of Shin Sun Hye and Bae Jong Ok’s greatness. Beautifully done, the both of them. I adore how the Queen calls the King by his name Cheoljong rather than his title. The best moments for me were the Queen stealing the GQD and GD’s mourning thunder and seeing the King well and alive even though I expected, I was beyond relieved. That ending, though, and another long week.



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