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Hush - Episode 2: Choices

I knew this drama would be a hard watch at times. Despite that, it's a pleasure watching Hwang Jung Min as Han Joon Hyuk, a man overshadowed by his guilt. But one can still see his old luster in the little things he does with the interns and Choi Kyung Woo. Rather than let himself be defeated, though, I wish JH would be the change he wants to see. In line with that, I was saddened and disturbed when Director Sung Won, a journalist, can one even call him that, said the paper looked to raise suspicions, not reveal facts. What a crock of a man.

As shocking and sad as it was to see Soo Yeon feel she had no choice, but she made as hopeful that it will shock JH into action. He may not have been responsible for the article that led to Ji Soo's father's suicide, but he was complacent in its untruthfulness. Life rarely gives out second chances; I pray he doesn't waste this one and stands up for what's ethical as a human being first and a reporter and a journalist second--one who seeks, defends, reveals, and reports on the truth no matter the price.



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