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Mr. Queen - Episode 2: Eye Contact

I have to tell you all; I was very hesitant to start this drama because I'm not too keen on Shin Hye Sun, but boy, has she completely and utterly won me over with her seamless portrayal of a present-day chef trapped in a Joesen queen body. She's funny, quick-witted, bold, and I dare to say this may be her best performance yet. I am a fan. I like that Mr. Queen is fearless about tackling some taboo issues in a very well-written, acted, and directed script. I am intrigued.

That said, it, of course, doesn't hurt to have Kim Jung Hyun as King Cheoljong, who comes off as dense but is a lot smarter and more receptive than those around him give him credit. What keeps me going other than the comedy is my need to know where's the queen's spirit and, more so, is this the end of present-day Chef Bong Hwan cameoed by the talented and funny Choi Jin Hyuk; will he forever be trapped, or is there more to the both of them. Only two episodes in but wow, I am sold.



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