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Sunbae - Episode 3 & 4: Lee Jae Woon

Lee Jae Woon (Lee Kyu Han) continues to be the brightest spot in this drama for me; I love his fascination with Hyun Seung’s sister Ji Seung. His reaction to seeing her at the tennis court and with a little girl nonetheless was hilarious. Hyun Seung's niece is adorable; she's like seven going on seventeen. When she told her aunt, even Jack had a Jill, meaning she should've despair in finding a husband, I just about died. She is definitely my second favorite character in this drama after Lee Jae Woon.

I was so excited at the episode’s opening, ready to appreciate Song Ah for taking the direct approach with her two-timing boyfriend. I even liked her two scenario approach, the second more than the first one, only to find out it was all in her imagination. However, I did appreciate her not accepting HS’s suggestion right away, but I understood when she did; he proved he wasn’t in it for games as I understood HS’s reasoning for suggesting the fake dating. I love him even more now than ever for his stance and for fighting with his all might, not only for what he wants but also for the person he loves. Watch Episodes 3 & 4 here.



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