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Hush - Episode 3: Silence -- Hush

I was struck by how much this episode and the drama as a whole gets to me. As they say, nothing screams indifference as loud as silence. Not to speak is to speak; not to act is to act, and not to choose is in itself a choice. One would think it would take less time to do something right the first time around than having to explain why not to, but then people like Na Sung (Son Byung Ho), Sung Han (Park Ho San), Ki Ha (Lee Seung Jun), Executive Park (Kim Jae Chul) but NS most of all who stand for nothing fall for anything and want everybody to do the same.

But what’s worse is the cruelty and apathy to Soo Yeon’s (Kyung Soo Jin) death (no doubt she was murdered), but to sacrifice her to create news that benefits the organization is lower than low and outright monstrous. I think what I like most about Joon Hyuk as a character is how real and raw he is as a person and a reporter burdened by guilt, emptiness, and despair. It’s like Soo Yeon was an angel who came into his life to save him. It’s so true when they say some people come into our life as blessings. Some come as life lessons—one of the most real shows I've watched in a while.

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