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Mr. Queen - Episode 5: Confessions

Oh My God, I love our Mr. Queen; the way she/he stepped up, dropped to her/his knees and confessed to So Yong's attempted suicide for no other reason than to appear cooler than the King and then pretended to faint but to have the whole thing backfire had me laughing so hard tears were rolling down my face. I enjoyed everybody’s startled reaction, but the best part was the Queen’s obliviousness to the enormity of his/her confession to all the clans. I don’t think the Queen has even one boring scene in this drama, and more so, I love his/her wittiness and innovation; he's/she’s already changing the court with his/her unique personality, even the King. The rain dancing scene was my favorite; I was on the floor.

I must admit I was disappointed the King went for the Concubine (something about her doesn’t sit right with me) rather than the Queen at the confession scene, but I guess that’s expected since he doesn’t seem to have eyes for anyone else but her right now. I adore the King, though; I cannot seem to get enough of his scenes with the Queen either. Kim Byung-In’s flashbacks have me curious about why So-Yong was distraughtly unhappy to the extent that she attempted suicide; there has to be more to the story; they all seem to have their own secrets and agendas, be it the King, the Queen, the concubine, and the rest of the court. But as they say, there are no secrets that time will not reveal. That ending scene, I don't think I've felt such endearment to a drama before.



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