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Sunbae - Episode 5: Two-timing

I can't with Lee Jae Woon; he makes me smile. He really is the reason I watch this drama. I love all his scenes; he definitely scored a couple of points today. I like that this drama pays as much attention to the side characters as it does its leads as I find each character is so well-rounded that they have a lot of their own stories to tell.

I couldn't stop wondering how Jae Shin intended to keep his two-timing charade going, but I guess now we know. Why do I get the sense that other than JS's fiancee, HS's ex may be making an appearance to complicate an already complicated situation, sigh!. I genuinely feel bad for HS's second sister; there's nothing worse than being betrayed by the one you trust the most. On a separate note, I can't get over how much Won Jin Ah reminds me of Park Soo Ae.



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