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Hush - Episode 7: Intern Ambush Movement

I love the #internambush movement, but more so Joon Hyuk and Ji Soo’s new camaraderie. All the lies and things these people do and tell just to cover up and distort truths that, in the end, will reveal themselves is mind-boggling. But then it’s not the process of uncovering the truth that matters. It’s the conviction; as they say, it takes a million lies to cover up the truth; however, it only takes a single truth to dismantle a million lies.

I knew there was something off about Editor Yoon, I just didn’t trust him, but I trust Director Byung Ho even less. What’s he after, the CEO’s position, or is he setting JH and team to take the fall; it feels like the former more than the latter. Whatever the Director’s motives may be, and how strongly he believes in his empty rhetoric, the end does not justify the means.



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