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Sunbae - Episode 6: Ro Woon

Can we talk Ro Woon for a second; this man is beautiful, so beautiful that he's a distraction at times. He indeed is a man's man. I love his love for Song-Ah and how he cares; she's clearly falling for him. Now I fully understand Jae Shin's sadness with a father like his. But as sad as it must've been for him, it doesn't excuse him two-timing Song-Ah or the fiancee.

To have his excuse be his boss ordered him because of the sister's suicide attempt, and he didn't have a choice but to angered me. Choosing that option was a choice. Song-Ah is right; Jae Shin is still that teenage boy that's willing to do anything to escape his father's shadow. I swear I'm not sure what I'd do without my Jae Woon and Ji Seung moments. He definitely scored another point today; I am in love with him.



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