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Hush - Episode 8: Corruption

I love the contradictions in the real-life feel of Hush and how competitive yet interconnected all the characters are, be it those who lost their way or those who stand firm in their conviction. When people blame and criticize others, they're avoiding some truth about themselves, be it Editor Yoon, the Chief, or the CEO.

Corruption flows from the top to the bottom. Yoon is but a product of that and a dispensable one; the Chief, on the other hand, now he's something else entirely. But no matter how devious he maybe, he is nothing in front of the truth. I am so enjoying Ji Soo's boldness, Jun Hyeok's commitment, and Yoon Kyung, Se Joon, Kyung Woo, and Ki Ha's loyalty not just to each other but their steadfast obligation to their profession as reporters.



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