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Sunbae - Episode 7: It's All About Choices

I understood Song-Ah's rejection, but I appreciated her even more for letting HS know why rather than let him stay hurt over it. Jae Shin’s fiancée makes me cringe; she’s scary. I truly find the side-character stories of She Would Never know absorbing, from Jae Woon to Ji Seung to Yung Seung, her husband, and the Chef, especially the Chief, how I would love to know his story.

I know one thing though if someone like JW reproduced a discontinued product just for me, I'd be in seventh heaven. Ji Seung, finally smiling at Jae Woon, was my favorite moment. Sadly, Jae Shin thinks he can pay his troubles away. It would've been so much better for him to face his problems and acknowledge them instead of letting them master him. Can someone tell me where I can find an HS; #desperatelyseekingone. That was a great ending.



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