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Mr. Queen - Episode 7: The King: My Woman

Never a boring episode; the King outshone everyone this hour. I am completely in love with his personality. I've been so immersed with our Mr. Queen as So Yong with the King in Joseon that I completely forgot about Jang Bong Hwan in the present world and more so completely forgot about Han Pyo Jin, the Blue House cook, and his cunning ways. What an unforeseen twist. Next to the side chick, the Queen Dowager, with her voodoo ways of trying to harm the Queen, is my least favorite.

Byung In barging in with the Grand Queen Dowager on the Queen Dowager as she practiced her shamanism was the highlight of the episode to me; I loved the GQD for it even as she disappointed me by falling for the Queen Dowager's lies. And how about the King and Byun In's standoff, now that was epic, and my second favorite scene, especially the King, roaring at everybody. I was glad to see our Mr. Queen back, and as fun as ever, and the best part is that So Yong is starting to grow on our Queen. And just like the Queen said by the end of the episode, each one of our characters seems to have a secret they would rather die than have revealed. But as they say, secrets aren't secrets; they are hidden treasures waiting to be exposed. And I cannot wait to see which secret is revealed first and where our Queen and King go from here.



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