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Mr. Queen - Episode 8: King's Fan Club

What an episode. The dumb act suits the King so well; I love it on him. Watching the King and his brother, a thought crossed my mind if So-Yong saved the young King who saved the brother; I would be interested to know. He and the concubine bother me. Thinking back to the flashback with her and So-Yong by the lake had me wondering if she purposely let So-Yong believe she tried to kill the King when it was her; could that be the secret she’s keeping. It’s so good to have the Queen back, even if it’s half Jang and half So-Yong. The contrast works so well. I do miss Choi Jin Hyu’s voiceover, though, and like the Queen, I wonder if we’ll ever have him back. I hope so.

The Queen's scenes with the King and reaction to So-Yong’s memories were hilarious, especially when trying to summon So-Yong out. And when the Queen thought the fight scene outside her bedroom was two people tango dancing coupled with her failed attempt to save the King, I laughed so hard tears were rolling down my face. Fun and games aside, I seriously fear for our Mr. Queen, for when he/she recalls all of So-Yong's memories. And it’s only a matter of time before she does. Not just about the corruption, but that her father and the clan were behind the attempt on the King's life and ruined his family. I believe that knowledge is what despaired So-Yong to suicide, not the concubine. That ending, though, I about died and went to heaven. I adore this drama. #KingFanClub too!



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