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LUCA - Episodes 1 & 2: LUCA: The Beginning

What fiery opening scenes to LUCA. I have to say everybody looks exceptional; Kim Rae Won, in particular; he looks fantastic; I've missed him and his captivating voice, truly glad to have him back. The same goes for both Lee Da Hee and Kim Sung Oh; they look great, if not better than the last time I saw them. Good to have them back as well. And what an explosive first episode with superb OST. The OST reminded me of the drama The Cursed. I've had my eyes on LUCA for a while now, and I am pleased to see it was definitely worth the wait. And the fact that this drama is based on Charles Darwin's proposed theory of evolution, that species can change over time, and that new species come from pre-existing species share a common ancestor -- descent with modification. Now, if this premise is not attractive, I don't know what else it would be. I, for one, am beyond exhilarated; I get the feeling this will be an action-filled, roller-coasting great ride. I like that it also gives me Awaken vibes; it feels good to have the continuation of sorts as I was not ready to bid Namgoong Min farewell in that drama.

LUCA is impressive not only in its visual and CGI effects but also in its storytelling. Despite only having seen the first two episodes, the storyline promises to be good. The fight scenes are so very well-choreographed, especially those in tight spaces like elevators, and great directing and editing. I like that Zi 0 (KRW) has a nemesis in Choi Yoo Na (Jung Da Eun looks fantastic). And there's no denying that Kim Sung Oh as Lee Son is a formidable villain; he looks imposingly great. In the first two episodes of this drama, we meet Ji Oh, aka Zi 0, who doesn't seem to remember who or what he is but finds himself on the run from unknown pursuers. However, whenever he wound up in danger, his superhuman powers kick in, which scare and perplex him until he runs into Gu Reum one day and realizes she is the only person he remembers as she herself realizes he is the boy from her past. There is a lot to unpack and come to grips with in this drama. I look forward to doing so. To Watch Episodes 1&2, click here.



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