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Sunbae - Episodes 1& 2: Would She Ever Know the Unconventional Methods?

I like that Sunbae Don't Put On that Lipstick provides me with the opportunity to see Lee Kyu Han back on the small screen; how I wish he had a major role, but I love him nonetheless. He blew me away as the tormented Mo Wan Soo in Graceful Family (now that drama was good). I really enjoyed Won Jin Ah in Life and Just Between Lovers and as such, look forward to seeing what she and Ro Woon (I already like him as I'm not as familiar with his work) bring to Sunbae, but I won't lie I'm in this for Lee Kyu Han. However, I do like that Hyun Seung doesn't shy from his attraction to Yoon Song Ah, played by Won Jin Ah, and goes for what he wants. His direct approach is what endears him to me. But what sold me was the director; he directed one of my favorite dramas, Fated to Love You. I look forward to the journey.

As unconventional as Hyun Seung's played by Ro Woon method was, I liked it. I liked that he was courageous enough to take the step that he did to protect the person he cares about the most, regardless of his motives. I say Song Ah knew in her heart of hearts something was off with Jae Shin played by Lee Hyun Wook; if not, she wouldn't have blindly followed Hyun Seung. I understand why she lashed at him (I love his relationship with his sisters); it's so much easier to lush at the messenger rather than the wrong-doer, but as they say, denying the truth doesn't change the facts because when someone really cares about you, they make an effort, not an excuse. HS was right; Song Ah is in for so much more pain, a lot more than she deserves. Oh, I love Lee Jae Woon, will there perhaps be something between him and HS's sister; it looked like love at first sight; I'm intrigued. Watch Episodes here



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