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Episodes 5 & 6: Trapping a Mouse

Mouse gets darker and darker by the episode. I loved it, though; I love how twisty and unpredictable and suspenseful it gets. Kudos first and foremost to the writer, followed by the actors for top-notch deliveries, and last but not least the director for bringing the story to life so beautifully.

I get so involved with the show that at times I don't even realize I'm wringing and twisting my fingertips, wishing I could do something to prevent the protagonist, only to realize I cannot. And all I can do is wait for the next scene, or episode for events to unfold and help put me out of my misery. And that is a mark of an excellent story. One minute, you're convinced of the truth; the next, it's nothing like you believed it to be. Whatever the truth is, I would rather Ba Reum not be it.

My heart broke a thousand pieces for Moo Chi; is there no relief from the misery of it all for this man. I wish he'd listened to Detective Park Du Seok when he told him not to do the show that he would only be appeasing and glorifying the killer. But to see your brother (what a great job Kim Young Jae did for the short time he was on the show) butchered in front of your eyes and on national television nonetheless was monstrous. It's true when they say it's mostly loss that teaches one about the worth of things. I'm still not sure what motivates the killer(s), but then I think about it and am reminded that a triggered psychopath, more often than not, doesn't need a reason to kill. I understand Moo Chi's need to find the killer, but I hope he doesn't turn into a monster in the process.

I've suspected for a while now that Oh Bong Yi may be Jae Hae and that Sung Yo Han wasn't Sung Ji Ah's real son but Jae Min, Jae Hae's brother, her real son Jae Hoon's adoptive brother and sister. I'm not sure when Sung Yo Han started to suspect his mom, but he went to the prison not to visit "his" father but for his DNA and that he somehow started to suspect Ba Reum was Sung Ji Ah's real son. My thinking is Yo Han didn't come to for Oh Bong Yi; he came for Ba Reum. Every time I think Ba Reum could not be the killer, he does something to make me doubt it completely. Where the truth lays only the writer of this drama knows. Watch episodes 5 & 6 here.



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