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Hello -- Episode 2: Coexistence not Transformation

As funny as Hello, Me is as sad in its depiction of older Ban Ha Ni's wasted life. The last episode came to a gripping end with 37-year-old Ban Ha Ni waking up in a hospital to shockingly come face to face with her 17-year-old self in the bed next to her. At the end of the premiere episode, I wondered if rather than have the older Ban Ha Ni transform into her 17-year old self, the writer will have her the both of them, and I was right.

I am utterly impressed by the writers' innovation -- well done. When we first meet, the two Ban Hani's weren't quite sure what to make of their situation. And as they try to recall what they each were doing before waking up at the hospital, the older Hani quickly realizes they both were in the very same situation and that it may have been the trigger for the younger self to be in the future even if the why and how remains a mystery.

As much as I liked seeing younger Hani self-confident, goal-oriented, and loved by everyone, as much as I dislike her arrogance. I tried to imagine myself in younger Hani's shoes to totally appreciate her shock to finding she is nothing like she thought she would be 20 years later, but still, that is no excuse for rudeness. I doubt older Hani expected to be what she's become. In that light, I figured whatever happened to change her so drastically had to be family-related. As they say, fear is the tax that conscience pays to guilt. At the same time, it's clear older Hani hasn't lost that spirit that made her who she was in her younger day. It's just that she momentarily let herself forget.

On the other hand, we have Yoo Hyun; I wonder what skeletons he carries in his baggage that's made him lose the drive and the ability to be more than what he is today. There must be something; one can see he has the interest; it's just that he lacks the drive. Maybe younger Hani is a blessing in disguise, not just for her older self but to Yoo Hyun as well. Watch Episode 2 here.


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Seni Seni
Seni Seni
Feb 28, 2021

Lee Min Hyuk - Tonight - Hello? Me! OST Part 2

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