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Hello -- Episode 3: It's Not the How But the Why that Matters

All I could think was yes, Young Hani deserved that slap and more; I didn't think older Hani had the stomach to do it; I am pleasantly surprised and glad she did. It's great to truly believe in oneself and expect life to turn out as you dreamt it would, but it's a completely different thing to be rude and downright insolent because it didn't. It's not like older Hani isn't her. Lee Re, as younger Hani, is marvelous; what's even better is her chemistry with Choi Kang Hee; they mesh so well.

I find it interesting that neither Hani sees the other as themself. One hates the other for how their life turned out while the other tries to protect them from knowing why it turned out the way it did -- I like that. My heart aches for the burden older Hani carries. I can only imagine the trauma she's been living with this whole time. I never imagined anyone else would know of the two Hani's, but there is a shaman at that, too funny. But then he was right rather than try and look for ways for younger Hani to go back; they should both try and find out why she's come to the future, to begin with, a rite of passage or not.

As silly as Yoo-Hyun is as interesting and what I like, he's not your regular spoiled rich 30-something but a resourceful one. I didn't see him selling his precious possession for money, but it makes sense that he did. I have a feeling his antics are more of a protective shield more than anything else. I like Yoo-Hyun because he doesn't let his current situation change him; rather, he's starting to use his many qualifications to make something of himself like his father wants.

I am not at all surprised that Hani, Yoo-Hyun, and Anthony's past connects them, so, in that sense, I can see how fate would bring them together again in more ways than one. I can't wait to see how Oh Ji Eun (Kim Yoo Mi) interacts with Hani as adults seeing that they used to be best friends as teenagers. I loved seeing older Hani standing up for herself for a change, and most of the credit goes to her younger self. In that sense, they are already changing each other. I have no doubt together; they'll be the push older; Hani needs to regain her spunk and find peace with past events. I believe this show has a lot to offer despite being a fantasy. Watch Episode 3 here.



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