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Hello -- Episode 4: Courage to Change

Hello, Me! is truly refreshing even in its tragic moments. I was so sure Ha Young Hani's older sister caught them and was wracking my brain as to how they would explain the situation. But rather than realize it, Ha Young immediately jumped to the conclusion that the younger Hani must be her sister's daughter. To me, Hani's older sister's mindset sheds more on her and her past hang-ups than anything else.

Everybody in this drama seems to be struggling with some level of low self-esteem. I've been curious about Yoo Hyun's aunt's dynamics with Oh Ji Eun Do Yoon's wife, Do Yoon, and Yoo Hyun's dad. It almost feels like the aunt has ulterior motives. She doesn't like Oh Ji Eun but the why puzzles me. Once I understand How Do Yoon fits into the family, I may have a better sense of that dynamic. Of course, there's Anthony and his struggle to accept himself, but in a way, I commend him for his persistence and for not giving up on himself.

It's heartwarming Hello's ability to make us see the two Hani's as two separate people despite being one. In older Hani, I see a person who lives with many regrets, yet she hasn't let it turn her selfish, unlike her sister. In the younger Hani, I see a person who has an undeniable capacity to not only receive love but give it as well. All either need is the ability to accept the things they cannot change, the courage to change the things they can, and the wisdom to know the difference as they say.

Hello, Me's director shared that what sets this drama apart from other time-slip shows is its warmth and the fact that it's less of a time-slip and more about what happens when a past self comes to visit their present self. It irradiates in a comedic and somewhat serious manner the complications, disappointments, regrets, and at the same time recognition, forgiveness, and growth. It'sIt's like getting a chance to look at oneself and realize you are okay just the way you are -- acceptance.



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