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Hello -- Episode 7 & 8: From Tolerance comes Acceptance

Hello, Me! is my happy place; I relish that it gives me my weekly laughter dose. I like that it doesn't take itself too seriously despite tackling some pretty earnest societal and self-inflicted concerns.

I like Yang Do Yoon (Ji Seung Hyun) a lot and want to know more about him, unlike his mother. I'm not too fond of her back-hand scheming. It's not like the Chairman treats her badly or oversteps his boundary with her. I guess it's true when they say greed is not a financial issue; it's a heart issue. I'm glad he finally stood up for himself and his wife.

I strangely find myself comforted that the two Hani's have each other to lean on, especially older Hani, even as she thinks her younger self is irresponsible and reckless even though they do not truly view each other as themselves. The combo works. I feel other than self-acceptance. The other message this drama pushes forward is tolerance -- accepting the good and bad about someone is a great thing to aspire to; the hard part is actually doing it. Giving it a try, though, is half the battle.

I like that both older Hani and Yoo Hyun are slowly but surely finding themselves and what matters to them the most. They deserve the opportunity to stop hiding and attain their passion again. But first, they'll each have to come to terms with their pasts. As they say, finding one's passion isn't just about careers and money. It's about finding one's authentic self -- the one they've both buried beneath their guilt and grief. It's funny how Hani went from having zero suitors to two men fighting over her almost overnight. May the better man win! Watch Episode 7 & 8 here.



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