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Hello -- Episode 9 & 10: There's a Reason for Everything

There's a superman quality to Yoo Hyun that's quite endearing despite his immaturity. I love that he, unlike anyone else, sees her for what she is today, not what she was 20 years ago.

Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation. I think Yoo Hyun may even be realizing this about his father through his relationship with Hani. And now that he's found something that excites him be it in work or life, I hope he can find himself. He and Hani make such a great team. I am sure he can comfort her as she's been to him despite her not realizing it. But more than anything, I love Yoo Hyun and his father; they may not always see eye to eye, but that they love each other is undeniable.

As much as I found younger Hani really annoying at first as much as I've come to appreciate her. She's fun, positive, confident, and just loveable. And has done wonders for her old self's self-esteem. Here reasons for coming to the future are getting clearer and clearer with each episode. At first, I thought she might have only come for herself, but I think her journey forward to the future is not only to save herself from her self-imposed punishment but also to save Anthony (Eum Moon Suk) from his guilt, and boy is Eum Moon Suk great with his role, beyond talented.

When they say no amount of money or success can take away time spent with family, it's true. I wish Hani's sister would realize that, as well as Yang Do Yoon's mom. How could she not see what a great family she has in a brother, son, and daughter-in-law who not only care but look up to her; how could the company or money ever make up for that kind of love. I figured her finding out her daughter-in-law was pregnant would change her towards her, but it doesn't seem to be the nudge that would stop her from following her set plans.

I always found myself wishing younger Hani would listen to her older self and stop causing her problems, but now I've come to realize maybe the mischiefs are meant to happen as part of the healing process, not just for older Hani but the whole family. It's clear they all so desperately need it. Grandma surely seems to think so; she may have dementia, but she seems to be aware of younger Hani's journey into her future self, not just for her older self but for younger Hani as well. Watch episodes 9 & 10 here.



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