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Hello, Me -- Episode 6: The Holding of Memories

They say the worst part of holding the memories is not the pain; it's the loneliness; that seems the thread that ties Hani, Yoo Hyun, Do Yoon, Ji Eun, and Anthony together. Despite having people around them all the time, they seem to have a past or grudge they cannot seem to reconcile. It's like they are holding on to their sufferings. But as the saying goes when one door closes another always opens; but we so often look so regretfully and longingly on the closed door, that we can't see the one opening up in front of us.

And if Bahn Hani is Anthony's, Hani's is herself; Yoo Huyn is the loss of his mother; Do Yoon not having a father, and Ji Eun's is being an orphan. I can completely understand how and why those teenage words uttered at a time of grief could've affected Ji Eun and from a best friend nonetheless. That's why they say one should think before they speak as words uttered without thought can sound be so cruel and hurt worse than a knife's cut.

I know it may seem silly, but I like that things always seem to work out for Hani. She deserves some good in her life for a change. It's not like Hani doesn't have enough to worry about and now a ghost, or one acting like one, to what end, I wonder. I like that despite their rocky start Hani trusts Yoo Hyun enough to call him in the time of worries, speaks to her seeing through this metal shield of immaturity he's put up as protection.

On a separate note, Ji Eun's mother-in-law bothers me a lot. I don't trust her one bit. I found Ji Eun's words of Hani quite fitting. Yes, she may have temporarily lost that lustrous image everybody had of her former self. Still, it's always been there; all she needed was that push from her younger self to help her remember the essence of her spark but will it be with Yoo Hyun or Anthony; now that's the big question. Watch Episode 6 here.



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