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Hello, Me -- Episodes 13 and 14: Understanding Requires Compassion

As they say, family for some people is this very deep, complex thing that, for most people, becomes everything. It informs their entire life. I love this drama; I love the story and the message. And what I admire about it the most is it seamlessly combines the easy aspects of life with the difficult and, more so, its ability to depict the complex nature of family relations and the power and consequences of choice.

Yoo Hyun as a character stood out the most in episode 14. I was emotionally drawn to him and how he stepped up when needed -- his growth and development as a character are indeed impressive. Credit goes to how well Kim Young Kwang portrayed this role. A mark of a truly talented actor. And in older Hani, I appreciated her patience and regard for Yoo Hyun, as did he because sometimes just being there for someone can bring home when all seems hopeless.

It’s easy to judge. It’s more difficult to understand; understanding requires compassion, patience, and willingness to believe that good hearts sometimes make poor choices. My first reaction to Yang Do Yoon's choice to protect his mother's wrongdoings more than his wife was exactly that -- judgment. As they say, through judging, we separate, but through understanding, we grow. And to see CEO Han Ji Man's reaction be one of understanding despite his sister's blatant evilness endeared him to me even more. Repaying her evilness with kindness same as what Yoo Hyun did to Cha Seung Seo -- like father like son.

I loved that the show mirrored real teenage bullying events marring the South Korean entertainment business to bring awareness and better understand the issues. I knew Anthony's past would come to haunt him someday; there are no secrets that time will not reveal, and as much as younger Hani can at times come off as obnoxious as much as I loved her extending comfort and good advice at the risk of her own safety. I wish older Hani had told her younger self about their father's death. Knowing how her younger self is, she should've anticipated she'd find out sooner than later. Because as they say, one can run from the truth, but they cannot hide; it will catch up. My heart breaks for younger Hani for when she finally knows the truth. Watch 13 & 14 here.



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