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Hello -- Episode 5: Be Mindful How You Treat Others

Hello, Me! -- might be heavy on the comedy but carries such a sad undertone, be it from the past or what's to come but what I appreciate about it is its powerful message. Life rarely turns out as we expect it, but it's not the end of the world. So in that sense, and notwithstanding the harsh life and guilt Hani has let herself live with, I admire her for not letting it embitter her. On the contrary, she's become a much better version of her adored younger self. So, I was quite excited that Yoo Hyun's father recognized her persistence and rewarded her with a proper job for his company's unjust treatment of her. I love the morning exercises at work.

Old habits die hard; as older Hani tries to establish herself at her new job, her younger version ventures out and falls into trouble, making life even harder for her older self. I, at times, find myself disliking younger Hani for her selfishness but realize she's only acting her age and doesn't comprehend the impact on her older self. Despite Yoo Hyun's silliness, immaturity, and manipulative behavior, I recognize the hidden talents in him and becoming a great chef if he applied himself is unquestionably one of them. I cherish the scenes with the kitchen ladies; they're by far my favorite moments.

I've been waiting on the Oh Ji Eun/Hani reunion. I was curious to see how Ji Eun would react to Hani's drastic change, especially now that their roles are now somewhat reversed. And as expected, she was a bit condescending, and understandably so, I guess. Be mindful and treat others as you wish to be treated as you never know when you might cross paths with them again rings so true. As crazy as it may seem, I like that show has everybody; Hani, Yoo Hyun, Anthony, Oh Ji Eun, and whomever else so tightly intertwined not just by the past that's certainly shaped them but to bring awareness of their present and accept it and themselves. Watch Episode 5 here.



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