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High Class -- Episodes 11, 12, & 13: You can Run, but You can't Hide Forever

High Class, a more suitable title would've been a third-level class, but regardless of that, it's one of the few dramas that I will say gets better at its second half than the first. Whether Na Yoon was in on Ahn Ji Yong's scheme or not, or is herself a victim, doesn't make much of a difference. The moment she decided to vent out her anger, jealousy on a child, she lost the privilege of empathy, let alone being a human being. The choices she's made make her as vile as he, admittedly he is at another level. Yeo Wool knocking her upside the head has to be one of my favorite moments of this drama. What a mess, it's apparent riches don't buy manners nor make one upper class.

Ahn Ji Young, on the other hand, there appears to be no end to his treachery. I knew that the minute he got what he wanted from Na Yoon as Chairman of the school, he would get rid of her. I didn't expect him to do it as loudly as he did, though, but I realize why he did. It satisfies the psychopath in him. It's like he was sending Yeo Wool a message, cross me, and this shall happen to you too. It brings new meaning to the saying that one reaps what they sow, not that Na Yoon deserved what happened to her.

Come to think of things I doubt, even Yeo Wool knows the nature of the man she married. Ahn Ji Yong is a psychopath, I doubt he has the ability or has ever formed any emotional attachments towards any of the women or children. He is incapable of doing that. All he knows is to be manipulative in a way that most benefits himself -- everyone around him is a pawn to be used to forward his goals. Even if caught, he will feel guilt regarding any of his behaviors. Regardless of who he's hurt or how much, he doesn't know how to care. I hope recognizes that the only way to win on him is to play him at his game.

As for Wan Chai Group's Maggie Chen (Jung Young Joo), I am not surprised that Ahn Ji Yong has her in his grips. I am sure he was the driving force behind her taking over the foundation, and from the way things have turned out, it makes sense that Henry would be his son too. I doubt she knows what she's got herself into with that psychopath. I can't believe Gu Yong Hoe (Kwon Hyuk) is still spinning his wheels on Yeo Wool. As a copy, he should investigate all the possibilities, but I guess his conviction in Yeo Wool's guilt makes sense now that we know he lost his wife to Ahn's schemes. His dogged pursuit of Yeo Wool makes sense, especially if he thinks she is in on everything with her husband. I empathize for his loss, but trying to make the evidence fit his personal vendetta without logic or sense is a bit too much. He's playing right into Ahn Ji Yong's hand.

The drive to appear more successful and put together can be a truly scary thing. I never liked Nam Ji Sun, and now even less. The way some believe protecting the material aspects of life over basic human rights due to greed is disgusting. It shows that people are willing to do some crazy things for selfish gain. Be it Ji Sun or Ahn Ji Yong, they aren't that different. I always knew she loved her husband (Kim Young Jae) more than he did. Come to think of it, I doubt he loved her. He's with her for the status, the money, but simultaneously, he resents her for it. Not only does he not care for her, she also disgusts him.

Ji Sun knew her husband had affairs, but did nothing. She probably worried he would leave her, but more she worried about the scandal and how it would appear if the affairs were made public than confronting him. One thing drives Ji Sun to appear successful and collected in front of her mother. She would do anything; she's willing to ruin her children's lives, the lives of the people who work for her, her life, and countless other innocent lives, including covering up her incompetent husband's murder, all for the sake of appearances. If that isn't pathetic, I don't know what is, and she thinks she is High Class, the irony of it all. Watch High Class here.



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