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High Class -- Episodes 3 & 4: The Plot Thickens

High Class is beautifully shot; it feels more like a movie than a drama. At least on its onset, the story here reminds me of the American film Double Jeopardy, where a woman wakes up in a boat in the middle of nowhere to find her husband missing, later presumed dead. She's framed, tried, and convicted for his murder.

The only difference here is Yeo Wool is never tried or convicted. I assume there wasn't much they could do without a body. That had me thinking, why did Yeo Wool presume her husband dead and hold a funeral despite not having seen a body; it feels a bit off. I can't help but wonder if she's in whatever scheme her husband may be running, or maybe that's what the show wants us to believe.

The hockey practice antics were unbelievably disgusting. For children in kindergarten to be pitted the way these mothers do, especially Ji Sun and Da Young, is appalling. I was more disappointed with Danny and the catty mothers than their kids. Kids will be kids; they need to be taught right from wrong, but when even the parents don't know right from wrong, where will they learn it. Cha Do Young is frivolous; she's catty, but I doubt she's the vicious type. All she wants is attention. Ji Sun is scary, a sheep in wolf's clothing of the group, treacherous, contrary to her appearance. She's cunning and wants her and her kids to appear the best, and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

None of the mothers are appealing, and Ji Sun most of all. I swear they live such tiring lives. I'm exhausted simply watching them. Everybody in this drama is motivated by one thing or another, even Yeo Wool and Danny. He comes off as agreeable, but there's something uncanny about him. And I cannot help but wonder if Yeo Wool and even her husband have something to do with him coming to Jeju Island. I wouldn't be surprised if he's working for the husband, which leads me to this Oh Soon Sung character, he sure sounds like Danny Oh.

I figured Na Yoon was the mistress from the moment I laid eyes on her, but I didn't realize the level of hatred she held towards Yeo Wool until now. She acts like Yeo Wool is the mistress, and she's the wife, which makes me wonder if Ahn Ji Yong is a polygamist. Na Yoon's animosity feels like more than simply wanting to avenge Yeo Wool for killing Ahn Ji Yong.

I guess Na Yoon feels like YW stole him from her. I never understood mistresses who hate the wives, rather than the man who two-timed them, but I can understand why Na-Yoon has no recourse but to direct her anger at Yeo Wool; she's the next best thing, considering he isn't around. I reckon Na Yoon is about to take her fight to the next level; she may be the most dangerous of them all. Sadly for YW, her enemy is much closer than she thinks. The plot definitely thickens now. Watch episodes 3 & 4 here.



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