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High Class -- Episodes 5 & 6: It's All About The Money

If only some parents weren't blinded, by their selfish needs, they would realize how destructive and traumatic the path they take may be on their children. I felt terrible for Hwang Jae In Na Yoon's daughter, I can only imagine how confused she must be finding her father's photo on her friend's father's phone. I didn't like that she took his phone, but liked how excited she got at the thought that Yi Chan was her brother. I love how she always stands up for him against Ji Sun's daughter, and Dong Young's son bullying.

I've been wondering for a while why Shim Ae Soon, the VIP housing maid, acted so weird towards Yeo Wool every time they ran into each other. It's like she knew or something, but considering how Na Yoon reacted to her, I'm thinking she's her mother and knows more than she's letting on whatever that may be. Now that I think of it, I presumed Ji Sun's son accidentally ran her off the road was a bit weird. What was she doing there in the middle of nowhere on foot, but maybe it was just a coincidence, and I'm overthinking it. But at least it provided an opportunity for Yeo Wool against Ji Sun's pretentious arrogance.

It's all about the money, everything is tied into the money, especially considering how things unfolded this episode. Regardless of who was first or second, the fact remains that Ahn Ji Yong for his own benefit ruined and potentially traumatized the people he claimed to love the most and all for money. Adultery, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, arrogance, and outright folly, now that's high class. Na Yoon may believe she was first, but I get the distinct Yeo Wool is the one he married legally.

Even the creepy head principal or whatever she is showed her true colors. Not that Da Young's boyfriend is weird, but there's undeniably a motive behind him too. There are so many layers to the story that's become even more compelling than it already is; it has been intrigued. Danny's motives though still remain a mystery to me. I get the sense it isn't as much about Yeo Wool for him as Ahn Ji Yong, and that he's start to care for Yeo Wool is clear. I am glad everything is out in the open, maybe now Yeo Wool can focus on finding out the truth behind Ahn Ji Yong and his dealings.

In six episodes, I've realized the only real threat to Yeo Wool is Na Yoon. When they say keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, they weren't lying. I doubt it crossed Yeo Wool's mind that her enemy is as close to her as she is now. The ending surprised me a little. I didn't expect the show to reveal Danny Oh's double side so soon, but I like it, and I can't wait for tomorrow's episode where the fun begins. Watch episodes 5 & 6 here.



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