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High Class -- Episodes 7 & 8: Battle of the Classless

I'm not even sure what to believe anymore; I know it seems like Na Yoon is the most likely suspect, but I doubt it's her. She's twisted, yes, with mal-intent most definitely, but a murderer, I simply don't see it. But she sure is getting what she wants, Yeo Wool's child. Nor do I think it's Ji Sun, she wouldn't do something as overt as this, she has too much to lose. I guess she could order her assistant to do it, but I don't get that vibe at all. My most likely suspect, is the chef, there is something sinister about him. I do however think Na Yoon's daughter was behind the violin incident, poor girl, the pressure was too much for her to handle.

I feel awful for such all the kids to have such parents, if they can even call themselves that, especially Ji Sun, putting her wants before her own child, her older son definitely has her number. It's so true when they say anyone can have a child and call themselves a parent, because a real parent is someone who puts their child's above their own selfish needs and wants. As creepy as the chairperson was, I liked the dynamic and mysterious air she brought to the show. She will be missed. As for Danny Oh, I reckon he will join Yeo Wool to get to the bottom of things, as it sure is deadly at this school. The paradise island is quickly turning to doom island.

It looks like the chairperson kept tabs on all the mothers involved with the foundation. Not only did she have Danny working for her, but also the chef. I guess that makes him a strong suspect, but now that I've watched this episode, I'm not sure he is the murderer. I wouldn't be surprised if Yeol Wool's husband (I've suspected him to be alive from episode 1) and Na Yoon are working together on whatever scheme they are working. They seem like the more likely suspects, which explains why Na Yoon is so eager to take Yi Chen from Yeo Wool. It's probably what the dirty husband wants. Her sending Yeo Wool a text as the chairperson to lure her into her office and have her framed for the murder screams accomplice.

But then there is Ji Sun's husband, he is a doctor, and the chairperson was poisoned. According to the police, whatever drug the killer used needed a prescription, which puts him in the middle of things, if not as a killer, than as a supplier. I wonder if he was trying to frame his wife or whether someone is blackmailing him, hence the prescription. I get the feeling he doesn't like Ji Sun much. I doubt anyone, but her assistant likes her. And, of course, there is Alex Comer, the school finance director, now acting chairperson. I've been skeptical about his motives from the beginning, and imagine he took the USB, next to Yeol Wool's husband, he is the second most likely suspect. Now that we are half through the drama, I am not sure I like any of the characters much. They all so distasteful.



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