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Hospital Playlist 2 -- Episode 11: Good Things Come to those who Wait

My heart was in my throat this whole episode. Song Hwa's reaction, the thought of losing the one person that means the world to you, was so emotionally jarring to watch. It significantly affected me, like it was happening to a family member. It was even harder to take since it was Ik Jun, the one person who was always laughing and making others feel comfortable. Despite the occasion, I was glad he had the people who cared about him the most comforting him for a change. Seeing U-Ju's reaction to his dad at the hospital was so earnest it had me bawling.

I was thrilled to see him still have that spirit and loved his moments with Song Hwa while at the hospital, but her confession and his reaction to it even more. As they say, good things always come to those who wait, even if that something is a near-fatal accident, to make Song Hwa realize how much Ik Jun means to her. Despite knowing how much Ik Jun cares for Song Hwa, I wasn't sure if he had given up on her love for him, but I was glad he hadn't.

I was ecstatic that Min Ha finally had a date with Suk Hyung, the long-awaited dinner, and a movie. I was initially worried but was glad he wasn't leaving for the US. I figured he only said it for some privacy in his life from h s mom. But I hope he will stand up for himself and not repeat past mistakes. I love how he treats Min Ha so gently and considerately and how comforting she is to him. Everything is falling perfectly from Jun wan and Ik Sun to Ik Jun, Song Hwa, and even Rosa and Ju Sung. They all deserve happiness. I couldn't ask for more now if we could only have Jung Wong propose to Gyeo Wool. I cannot wait to see what the final episode holds for us on the relationship front.

I felt terrible for Choi Sung Young for having to endure someone else's anxieties to think less about himself. I never r liked Doctor Gi Jun Min, and even less now for constantly criticizing and putting others down to feel superior and hide his insecurities. I love the drama for showing us that not all doctors are like Gi Jun Min. Rather, the majority are like Ik Jun, Jung Won, Jun Wan, Sang Hwa, Min Ha, Suk Hyung, Bong Kwang Hyun, and even Heo Sun Bin. It's been repeatedly said that leaders become great not for their power but for their ability to empower others. Proving, nurturing, and always keeping a watch for interns and residents, lifting them when they're down, mentoring, and letting them know that comeback is always more rewarding than a setback, which is so true.

What I love most about Hospital Playlist is it far exceeds expectations and stands out from other series in its genre. The doctors save most of the major cases that come through their doors and do it with ever-present composure and sincerity and often have the best interest of the patients, guardians, and fellow doctors. I love this drama! Watch episode 11 here.



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