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Hospital Playlist 2 -- Episode 3: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

As much as I love our five doctors and their relationship, it's their stories with their patients that touch me the most. And despite them being so different in how they handle their patients and the stories that accompany them, it's these differences that determine how they connect with them. With utter care and thoughtfulness, always putting the well-being of the patients above all else, which is what makes them great.

I like how this season takes a much laid-back approach. That it's not just about our doctors but also about the patients and their guardians and the type of camaraderie that develops between these guardians, as in the case of the mothers' parents of long-term patients Eun Ji's and Min Chan's that make the pain and waiting worthwhile despite the anxiety and stress. I love how Eun Ji's mother was genuinely happy that Min Chan was finally getting a donor, her own fears for her daughter notwithstanding. The strength and hope they give each were awing to watch.

I've had this nagging feeling since the last episode that Jun Wan was troubled about his long-distance relationship, that he was pretending to be okay not to worry Ik Soon. And I think how things turned out this episode belie the calm before the storm. I knew things would turn out the way they did but hoped it wouldn't be as predictable as it was getting, but I get the sense there is more to why it's happening than meets the eye. I hope Jun Wan will soon realize that distance is just a test to see how far love can travel. I am rooting for a happy resolution to the situation.

Aside from that ending, everything went as beautifully as it always does with this drama. I loved the Lee Kyu Hyung cameo and loved his beautiful story, even more, mirroring Song Hwa and Ik Jun's situation. I knew I had started to see a new twinkle in Song Hwa's eyes towards Ik Jun; Lee Kyu Hyung's explanation of his situation confirmed the change in her. I'm just happy my ship is still sailing; if only Suk Hyung/Min Ha ship boarded, I would be a happy camper. I must say I live for the Gyeo Wool/Jung Won moments. I love the way he loves her. It's going to be a long week. Watch Episode 3 here.

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