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Hospital Playlist 2: Episode 5: Friends are Relatives One Makes for Themselves

I love everything about this show, even the not-so-good moments, because it highlights that there are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family. It's so true when they say things aren't quite as scary when you have best friends to make you feel safe, and Hospital Playlist's friends are the best one can ever have in any lifetime.

Outside of the friends, my two favorite people are Min Ha and Do Je Hak; I love them. I adore how chaotic it gets when they get together. And what better is there to show affection than one's boyfriend risking an allergic reaction for love; nothing at all. Whenever I watch this drama, I keep saying I love this, and I love that, but I genuinely do love everything and everyone in this drama.

Min Ha's reaction to Suk Hyung's "our resident" was the best, but his reaction to her confession was even better. My ray of hope for them shines even brighter. Ik Jun is the best. I love all his moments, but his charger trick was the highlight of this episode. Real friends tell each other when they are wrong. I so appreciated Song Hwa doing that with Suk Hyung he needed to hear it. His mom's energy gives me heartburn; I hope he is strong enough to take a stand against her and fight for what he wants when the time comes. I believe in him. Is it crazy that I still very badly want Jong Su and Jung Won's mom to end up together; they suit each other so well.

Every episode with Hospital Playlist is a learning one. The case of the abusive husband got me pretty riled up this episode. Let alone the fact that his wife is severely ill; he still needed to control and cause fear purposefully was too much to bear. The manipulation and blame but more than all that, I loved that neither Ik Jun nor Gyeo Wool didn't stand idly by and took action but in their own way. As they say, silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.

I don't get why the writer thought the story needed this extra conflict between Ik Sun and Jun Wan; I'm not sure I see its point. I know things happen in life; even so, I still resent Ik Sun for thinking a lie wouldn't hurt as bad if not more than the truth. But I commend Jun Wan for how bravely he's handling things, if only on the outside. No matter how hard one tries to hide a truth, though, it always has a way of sneaking its way out to the light, and when it does, there is no taking it back. I think Ik Sun and even Ik Jun will someday come to regret keeping something as serious as her illness from Jun Wan. I don't think there is anything better than watching Hospital Playlist on Thursdays. Watch episode 5 here.

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