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Hospital Playlist 2 -- Episode 8: Never Take Anything for Granted

My heart cannot take Jun Wan's pain or Jung Won's anxiety over, and for Gyeo Wool, the dark apartment matched their mood perfectly. I love the show for paying attention to those little nuances.

I wished Gyeo Wool was more open with Jung Won about her family life; it would give her the support she badly needs. I understand why not, though. I guess she will tell him when the time is right. On a separate note, though, I love how much fun the friends have with each other. Poor Hong-do, Min Ha's superstition coming true was too funny; I love this show. Jun Wan and Song Hwa's obsession with food is another thing I completely adore.

I can't even describe the emotions over Jung Won's mom's realization that she may have Alzheimer's, the grief, concern about the future, despair about the moments between confusion and forgetfulness, and more the impact dementia would have on her loved ones. I love that she has support in Jong Su, her son, and his friends, and what a relief that it wasn't, so grateful. I loved Jung Won's reaction to Gyeo Wool stopping by to visit his mother despite her own mother's illness. It was so emotional, but his mom's reaction was even better.

And as much as I was relieved for Jung Won, I was hurt for Song Hwa and her mother's Parkinson's disease diagnosis. I felt her guilt despite being a doctor; it never crossed her mind her mother may suffer from a severe illness like many of her patients. I loved Ik Jun taking care of Song Hwa's appointments and those she helps and even buying her the iron skillet now that's love. No one ever thinks their parent or child could actually get seriously ill until it happens. It puts things in perspective; the helplessness of it all can genuinely overwhelm. It's a situation many of us have been through, taking those we love for granted, and it's a lesson worth learning.

I can only imagine, caring for a chronically ill parent can be one of the most taxing and difficult tasks anyone can face, be it for the parent or the children. Beyond handling physical challenges and medical needs, one has to deal with the emotional and financial impact of the prolonged illness. In that sense, I understood both sets of children and the parents, be it the cancer and lung patients, even if I couldn't at first reconcile the son's selfish outlook, but life has a way of making one realize what's important.

All any parent wants is a better quality of life for themselves and their loved ones. This drama is full of favorite moments, but the band practice with Jung Won's mom was my second-best moment. The song choice was so fitting. It had me think of Jun Wan and wish him peace of mind, especially with that ending. I wouldn't at all be surprised if Ik Jun made that happen. I am unsure where things go from here, but I hope that love wins over sadness and despair for happy moments. There is nothing like the support of a loved one in trying times. My best moment, without a doubt, was Suk Hyung rushing to the hospital to check on Min Ha and her breaking down in tears when she saw him. I just melted; my ship has officially sailed.

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