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Hospital Playlist 2 -- Episode 9: Love is Worth the Risk

Hospital Playlist, as usual, doesn't disappoint. Everything about this episode was beautiful. It was so emotional seeing Jun Wan talk to Ik Sun on the bus, and after in the emergency room, my heart felt like it was being ripped out of my chest. I knew Ik Jun purposely had them meet on that bus, and I love him thousand times over for doing it. I adore all five friends, and those who know me know Jun Wan is my favorite since I love the actor to death.

Still, if I had to pick one of the friends that have made a total impact on me this season, it would be Ik Jun. He compassionately, thoughtfully, empathetically, and lovingly takes care of everyone around him, even at his own expense at times, and never once does it begrudgingly. He deserves to be loved by the person he loves (my heart was pounding at their special moment) with as much love as he has in him -- I award him the "best friend" and voice awards.

Seeing the five doctor friends in their elements, whether performing surgeries or consulting with their patients and guardians in a sympathetic and caring manner, is what makes Hospital Playlist stand out in its genre. But what's even more beautiful to watch is their friendship. They never push each other, just always there for one another and always know when one of them needs to talk or someone to sit with them quietly. I love them for that more than anything else. I loved this episode for showing us their fun, competitive sides.

In an episode filled with the best moments, the ping pong competition and Yoo Jae Myung cameo were the best. ER Doctor Bong Kwang Hyun (Choi Young Joon) and Ik Jun were to die for; their hardcore preparation for the competition was too much. My favorite was Do Je Hak and Jun Wan against Ik Jun and Lee Ji Hoon (Lee Ji Hoon); I couldn't stop laughing the entire time, and add to that, Jung Won pumping Ik Jun up for the win. I swear I love all the characters in this drama, no exceptions.

Hospital Playlist is my joy. Much goes at the hospital, but I'm always amazed at how the friends never let their work interfere with their personal life and friendship. But more even as big shot doctors, they have no problem sharing the limelight with others. I love that things may be heading in the right direction with Yang Suk Hyung and Chu Min Ha and even maybe Song Hwa and Ik Jun; hopefully, they will soon realize the risk far outweighs the consequences, whatever they may be. As for Gyeo Wool, I feel for her; she's dealing with a lot. Still, hopefully, she too realizes soon enough there's no shame in being from an imperfect family or in facing the internal struggle of familial conflict that each family faces; at some point, no one will judge her for it, and least of all, Jung Won. Watch Episode 9 here.

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