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Hospital Playlist -- Episode 7: Empathy is Understanding

I was so excited for today’s episode I hadn’t realized how much I had missed the show until I started watching, and it's inspirational as usual. I adore this drama. Today’s episode was heavy emotionally in many ways, be it with the patients, their guardians, or the doctors.

I loved that the focus was on the patients and their guardians, particularly their mental care but more on empathy. And that it doesn’t matter whether the guardians are fellow doctors or civilians; everyone feels the anxiety just the same. There is no easy way of handling the stresses and fears that come with coping with an illness of a loved one other than trying to be as understanding as possible because everyone would be distressed and overbearing in the same situation.

The gist of the message is that if you don't share someone's pain, you can never understand them. But just because someone understands doesn't mean they feel the same way. And I think that's what the situation with Intern Jang Yoon Bok (Jo Yi Hyun) and the overbearing guardian tried to explain. Sometimes it's hard to understand someone else despite having experienced the same situations, not because they lack empathy but because they want to forget the situations that caused them the pain. But then there is nothing wrong with remembering; painful memories are easier to remember; they make one human after all. As they say, empathy is a respectful understanding of what others are experiencing.

Despite all the emotional stresses, our favorite doctors continue to live their lives to the best of their abilities. And I continue to veraciously live through them Jung Won and Gyeo Wool’s beautiful relationship and hope for a miracle with Ik Jun and Song Hwa and Suk Hyung and Min Ha as they grow closer to each other. Song Hwa inviting Ik Sun and his son on a camping trip; Suk Hyung going to lunch with Min Ha because she asked, despite having had lunch already, I’d say we are on our way to two miracles indeed. These moments gave me hope, just like how I thought I saw a sliver of hope in Ik Jun. I commend him for living through his pain so bravely. He is probably the most inspiring. He's never let his pain become difficult or stop him from being himself.

Jun wan is an entirely different story, though. I’m glad Ik Sun let him know Ik Sun is back. I love that he gave Jun Wan hope almost. As they say, hope is a powerful thing. It inspires people to do the impossible and helps them carry on during difficult times, which Jun wan is definitely having even if he doesn't show it. My heart aches for him the most.

I hope Ik Jun tells Jun wan why Ik Sun is back. I may disagree with how Ik Sun handled her illness with Jun wan, but I care about him a lot and believe he, too, deserves his happiness, and if it's with her, she is forgiven. On a separate note, I hope all is well with Jung Won and Gyeo Wool’s mothers. I loved the band song; it fit the episode perfectly. Watch episode 7 here.

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